MORAN MAGAL “Under Your Bed”

“Under Your Bed”

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An Israeli singer/song writer that has gone metal might not sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread but… This one I had very little expectations on, but it turned out to be a really cool one. You can hear the legacy of the singer/song writer in the songs but that adds to the overall feeling of this being something special. As much as I didn’t know what to expect, as much do I like what I hear. I am a huge fan of singer/song writers, especially female ones. There is a melancholic feel to this that I like a lot. I have very little knowledge of the Israeli culture, of the folk lore and stories told but I can sense that there is a huge fountain of melancholy to drink from. This one turned out to be so much better than anything I could have expected. Anders Ekdahl

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