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Battle Helm Rating

I cannot say that I am a massive MORBID DEATH fan, or even that I have heard any of their previous album but I can at least say that they aren’t unfamiliar to me. If there ever was a classic Portuguese metal band then this is it. 16 years after the last album we get treated to a new one. As I said, I have not heard any of the old stuff and can therefore not compare then with now. All I can do is judge this album on what I hear now. I did get a Sadist vibe from the album cover. Italian Sadist started out as a good extreme metal band but evolved over the years to something that I didn’t like. This album is not as bad as the latter day Sadist albums were. Yet I am not totally convinced that this is to my liking. I have a hard time fully understanding what it is that they want to say with this album. To my ears this is too much of an amalgamation of styles. Goth mixed with death mixed with something else metal. In a way it does remind me of a Fear Factory gone goth. Perhaps this one is a grower. Anders Ekdahl

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