MORBID EXECUTION “Vulgar Darkness”

“Vulgar Darkness”
With the troubles I had downloading this (legally) this gotta be something spectacular for it not to be a total let down. This Polish act seem to be more on the “perverse” side of things. I get a kinda “Acts of the Unspeakable” Autopsy kinda feeling about this. If it is anything like Autopsy was then I’m in for a treat of awesome proportions. If not, I just hope that it’ll stick up for itself any which way. I had not too worry. This is just as I imagined it would be. This is dark, murky and six feet deep death metal just like it sounded back in the late 80s. Whenever I hear one of these bands I get a warm and cozy feeling in my gut. This brings back all those kind of feelings I had back then when this sound was new and fresh. All hail the old. Anders Ekdahl

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