MORDATORIUM “Obsessed with Death”

“Obsessed with Death”

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If you follow MORDATORIUM on Facebook you’ll know that they have been promoting the hell outta this album. They are kinda being hailed as the new death metal hopefuls. I too have been hooked by the hype (and I don’t really believe the hype usually) and am really looking forward to hearing this album and most importantly to see if it the death metal monster so many promises it to be. Back in the 80s I stumbled upon bands like Bolt Thrower and Benediction through reading fanzines. The whole death metal scene was vibrant and new back then. By the late 80s/early 90s the whole Swedish death metal explosion happened and I was there. To this day that is what I return to when I want to get my death metal kicks. Sure, I listen to all kinds of death but it is this particular period in time that triggers my fancy a bit extra. So it is cool that this style of death is still being held high by bands like MORDATORIUM. There are no fancy pansy melodies in this. No clean signing or anything overly technical wizardry. Just plain and simple to the grit death metal. Heavy as hell and dirty & murky as fuck. Anders Ekdahl

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