MORDAX “Violence Fraud Treachery”

“Violence Fraud Treachery”
(Ultimhate Records)
Say Danish metal and I sit up and take extra notice. I have only good memories of Danish dynamite. From back in the days to present time. I have not come upon that many bad Danish acts over the years. Partly because I haven’t come upon that many Danish acts period but also because there seems to be a standard to which Danish bands are held that is high. Mordax are no exception. Their death/thrash is up there with the best. This is music with a drive and a soul. While not being the world’s fastest metal band Mordax still manages to work up a sweat. It is refreshing to hear a guitar solo after having heard so many modern metal bands that seems to think that guitar solos are heresy and an abomination. Call this old school if you like. Call it retro. Call it whatever you like. I will still call this good metal. Anders Ekdahl

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