MORGENGRAU “Extrinsic Pathway”

”Extrinsic Pathway”
Another band that I interviewed before they got an album to show for. This one I’ve been waiting for to hear. The interview did promise that this would be worth the wait. Let’s see if that is the truth. MORGENGRAU is death metal. When does old school stop being old school and just ends up being contemporary? This is being described as old school death metal. And perhaps it is but most of all it is death metal that is easy to recognize. You don’t have to have a degree in advanced music theory to understand it. If you’ve followed the scene from the 80s up until now you’ll pretty much know where MORGENGRAU comes from. And if not you might as well start here and work your way back. This is what death metal was to me when I got into it in the 80s. And this is still what death metal is to me in 2013. Anders Ekdahl

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