MORIFADE “Empire Of Souls”

“Empire Of Souls”
(Rock It Up Records)
I have a relation to Morifade. At first I didn’t like them that much but with time I came to understand and in the end like them. I hadn’t heard from them in a while until this album dropped in on me. Morifade are heavy metal the way Hammerfall are heavy metal, no other comparison made. This is pretty traditional and straight forward heavy metal. The tempo is high, the melodies strong and everything in between is pretty much as you could expect from a release like this. And with that I have to admit that I… like this. I have a weak spot (well, I have a weak spot for everything done well) for heavy metal done a certain way and Morifade have found their expression and it appeals to me. I don’t know if the band consider this their comeback album but whatever it is it is a strong heavy metal record. Anders Ekdahl

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