Mork – “Det Svarte Juv”

Mork – “Det Svarte Juv” (Peaceville Records)

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If you still have the bloody taste for raw, misanthropic Norwegian black metal, then Mork is the new meat for your menu! Following in the bleak, lonely snow trail left behind by Burzum, Bathory and Celtic Frost, Mork is from Bergen and the work of one man, Thomas Eriksen, who has brilliantly captured the essence of what made these cult bands into the legends that they are today from evil, ultra raw monotone guitars and primitive blast beat drumming to deathly avant-garde and early black n roll. Fashioned in the same DIY style, Mork was a side project and inspired by visiting Darkthrone’s old rehearsal haunts resulting in the 2014 debut “Isebakke”. Since then, as word and popularity has spread, Mork has evolved into a band, touring internationally while Eriksen continues to record in solitude. “Det Svarte Juv” is his 4th album and consumed by ‘…a tornado of tragedy and misery..’ in his existence maintains the high standard in this new vision of darkness sweeping Norway! The 10 tracks here not just resonate that early sound authentically, but using today’s engineering and frankly, better musicianship, are able to give the music a real lift towards reaching the true essence of evil. From the thick, savage riffing to ‘Den Utst¢tte’, expect ghostly choirs to complement Eriksen’s goblin drawls and beastly roars as the subtle dark melodies and grooves soon have your soul as the song twists evilly with decadent riff turns and beautiful cymbal splashes – very classy indeed. On ‘Skarpretterens ¥ks’ the death grunts and heavy avant-garde riffing married to darker drawls works a treat, not forgetting the electrifying Celtic Frost groove and gong mid song as the guitar then whirrs off into a Norwegian folk solo (!) that takes you into a dark ambient passage of wailing male and female vocals (!!) before returning to the avant-garde – wow! With that possessive cymbal and evil drawls continuing to captivate your mind and body, ‘Den Kalde Blodsvei’ with its dirty riffing sets the pace for this very slick black n roll number, simple in its style but devastatingly catchy in the way it scythes and turns in rhythmic synchronicity to Eriksen’s nasty tones and screams – perfect! With the remaining tracks providing a similar euphoria, Eriksen has fashioned yet another winner – and all without any need for church burning, graveyard desecration or murder for that matter…..superb.

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