MÖRK GRYNING “Live At Kraken”

“Live At Kraken”
(Black Lodge)

Battle Helm Rating

If there ever was a cult Swedish black metal band MÖRK GRYNING would make the top five list. This is a live recording from a rather recent gig they did in their home town of Stockholm, Sweden. I gotta say that if this is the whole gig it must have been one of the shortest one. This recording only contains 4 tracks, and they are not even long tracks. That makes this feel like a cheat. Had it not been for the fact that the music is so bloody good this would not even had made my review list. But this is classic Swedish black metal the way it sounded in the 90s. MÖRK GRYNING were one of the bands to shape the sound of Swedish black metal. And this recording is proof of that. Anders Ekdahl

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