MORNE ”To The Night Unknown”

”To The Night Unknown”
(Armageddon Label)

Battle Helm Rating

When you don’t know a band from before all kinds of silly situations can come about. I honestly thought that this band’s name was MORNE To The Night. It took me a while to realize that I had gotten the album title and band name confused. Now that I am on track I can laugh at it. Musically this is sludge/post metal. I would like to add doom to that description too because this is seriously heavy and slow stuff. I often use Crowbar as the standard for slow and heavy bands, but this is even slower and heavier than that. But in being so they are also darn good at what they do. There is a flow to this that takes away anything boring with being slow and heavy. This is some really intense stuff. I like it a lot. Anders Ekdahl

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