Mors Principium Est – “And Death Said Live”

Mors Principium Est – “And Death Said Live” (AFM Records)

It’s been a lengthy 5 years since we last heard from these melodic Finnish deathsters. During that time there have been significant changes – not in the least by the departure of founder guitarist / vocalist Jori Haukio – such that the band now has no original members! Also losing keyboardist Joona Kukkola along the way the band have ironically come close to death themselves – not withstanding their name lol – but as with near death experiences prove, Mors Principium Est have not only managed to persevere, but actually improve! Recruiting from the UK and as far away as New Zealand for guitarists Andy Gillion and Andhe Chandler respectively, messrs Viljane, Sipola and Heinola have taken a huge gamble in entrusting the song writing to the newcomers, but it’s worked and they have been fine choices. Right from the off, the sound is amazing – bigger, cleaner and definitely a powerful guitar driven album – which allows the new, superb material like ‘I Will Return’, ‘Bringer Of Light’, and ‘What The Future Holds’ to be fully appreciated. There hasn’t been a tremendous departure from the band’s traditional sound inspired by At The Gates and In Flames, but the incredibly passionate and powerful melodies carried thru by the masterful guitar work be it in the riffs, licks or soloing are what really does it for me on this album – so much so, that they must’ve given the reaper a real kicking for him to say live again – truly excellent!

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