Mors Principium Est – “Dawn Of The 5th Era”


Mors Principium Est – “Dawn Of The 5th Era” (AFM Records)

Meaning ‘..death is the beginning..’ it sure ain’t far from the truth for this Finnish melodic death band formed at the turn of the century. Although sporadic in their releases – this being their 5th album – I have to admire the quality of their compositions which seemed to have had plenty of time crafted into them. Whilst the trademark sounds of gruff vocals and chopping rhythms are pretty much what I’d expect, the guitars of Andy Gillion and new boy Kevin Verlay are nothing short of stupendous, from relentless dual melodic riffing to virtuoso solos placed abundantly all over songs like ‘I Am War’, ‘God Has Fallen’ and ‘Leader Of The Titans’. With delicate keyboards and some subtle orchestral backing intelligently placed to enlarge the already sophisticated musicianship, the material has a very classy and epic feel to it, especially with the slightly longer song times allowing for the composing to really stretch its legs for a fuller appreciation along with the energetic, upbeat tempo. Overall this album flows effortlessly across the 11 tracks, all of which are graced by the style and talent of the musicianship, making for a very positive and uplifting feeling that can only cast new found vigor into any soul! Over the years Mors Principium Est have tried out different musicians and combinations, but they have got it right for this one which really takes the genre of melodic death into the realms of ‘superior’. This simply is blissful music, bar none.

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