Morta Skuld – “Suffer For Nothing”

Morta Skuld – “Suffer For Nothing” CD / LP (Peaceville Records)
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Hailing from Milwaukee WI, Morta Skuld is an old school Death Metal band who’ve been a well-recognised name for almost 30 years. During that time, they’ve toured with Death, Obituary, Slayer, Napalm Death and been regularly on the bill at Milwaukee Metalfest. Signed to Peaceville Records in the early 90s, they went on to release 3 full length albums before breaking up for a number of years. However, in 2017 they returned on Peaceville Records in “Wounds Deeper Than Time”, reforming with a new breed in their line-up, and a modern edge to their old school style. Still with founder guitarist vocalist Dave Gregor at the helm, “Suffer For Nothing” does exactly that through flawless execution and a crushing old school sound through Belle City Sound’s production, along with a matching cover painting courtesy of renowned artist SV Bell (Rotting Christ, Amorphis). This isn’t music for the faint hearted, as it was back in the 90s and so too is it now on the 10 tracks making up this blistering 6th album. Morta Skuld are as intense as ever but the performances here are slick and ultra-tight, with plenty of well thought out tempo changes to go with intelligent arrangements, along with a poignant perspective from Gregor that the world has become less compassionate and ‘…that many of us are bullied in every area of our lives, whether it be work or online or in person…’ with the need to become more sensitive than ever before. But don’t be expecting any mercy from Morta Skuld here. As the vicious whirring riff and double bass drum battery commences on ‘Godlike Shell’, the grooves are immense and immediately spin you around while the frantic snare beats only let up to Gregor’s roar of the chorus, as the diddly dee melodies intertwine with technical lead breaks to make for one mutha of a number – and you’re back in the spinning pit of the Eagles Auditorium! Continuing the rolling groove wave on the title track ‘Suffer For Nothing’, the double bass drumming is relentless as the snare beats mix perfectly with guitar riffs and melodies along to Gregor’s glass in throat vocals before a surprisingly soulful solo hits you unexpectedly. Crashing in with slow powering riffs on ‘Facing Mortality’, its huge shock waves are contrasted brilliantly by faster diddly dee melodies and more hyper speed drum and cymbal work as Gregor’s dry, hollow roars sing about ‘…one life…one soul…’. Intense and immense, Morta Skuld were winners way back when and so too are they now!
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