Morta Skuld – “Through the Eyes of Death: The Early Demos”

Morta Skuld
“Through the Eyes of Death: The Early Demos”
(Relapse Records)

All hail Morta Skuld!! Milwaukee’s own, these guys were a regular at Metalfest thru the 90s essentially taking off where old school Death left off: brutal, dirty, evil riffs, guttural vocals and tribal rhythms. So if you were and still are fans of this primitive-yet-so-catchy death in its simplicity then look no further than this release, which essentially combines the band’s two 1990 demos, ‘Gory Departure’ (ironically produced by Death’s manager Eric ‘Griffy’ Greif right after working on “Spiritual Healing”) and ‘Prolong The Agony’, on one disc. Besides classic tracks like ‘Feast From Within’ and ‘Preacher Of Lies’, Morta Skuld offer an interesting horror / gore take on Metal Church’s own namesake song! Although the band only lasted a decade, interest in them has never waned, and as a result of founder Dave Gregor and Eric Greif rekindling their working relationship with Relapse Records recently, Morta Skuld is once again rearing its ugly head from outta the grave!

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