Morta Skuld – “Wounds Deeper Than Time”

Morta Skuld – “Wounds Deeper Than Time” (Peaceville Records)

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Once a Metalfest staple, Milwaukee’s own Morta Skuld were mid west underground legends back in the 90s, exemplifying US death metal as it was back then. Sadly the Skuld would not go the distance of Cannibal Corpse or Obituary, folding after their 4th album, some of the members thereafter renaming themselves as MS2 and playing thrash / nu metal. Well things have a way of comin’ around, and now the Skuld are indeed back!!! Joining founder David Gregor (Guitar/vocals) are new boys Scott Willecke (Guitar), AJ Lewandowski (bass) & Eric House (drums), with this new studio album being their 1st full-length release since the “Surface” album of 1997. Back home on the label that started it all for them, this is Morta Skuld at their finest, bringing back the glory of the 90s along with a technicality found through the years of maturity. Ugly, visceral guitars that blur into whirring devilry spinning old school gory riffs collide with the fearsome drum and cymbal fetish work of Eric House, while Lewandowski’s bass, for once thankfully prominent in the mix, displays its deep rumbling along with some audible technical plucking. Over the top of it all comes Gregor’s roaring growls like an elder bear that still has its teeth n claws despite the years, and it all works a treat on songs likeScars Within’, ‘Devour The Chaos’ and ‘Becoming One Flesh’. Only authentic purveyors of the style can concoct material that skillfully blends this kind’ve brutality with catchiness laced all over the grooves, arrangements and sound of this très excellente comeback album. Morta Skuld have done themselves, label and most of all, their old Metalfest fans respect on “Wounds Deeper Than Time”. If you wanna know what old school US death metal was all about, then buy this and revel in what it still is!

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