MORTAL DECAY “The Blue Print For Blood Splatter”

“The Blue Print For Blood Splatter”
We live in an age of destruction where we are our worst enemies. We, the human race are alone responsible for the destruction of the planet. Don’t know where MORTAL DECAY fit in that picture but I really hope this is gory death metal of the most primal sort. This might have started as something Carcass related in the intro but musically this is as far away from Carcass as you can get. This is much more American blast beat death metal. Really cool stuff indeed. I love this whole murky, darker than dark death metal. The one that feels like you are rolled up in a thick blanket in the back of a car trunk. Perhaps not the most original sound you can come up with but when it is done well, like MORTAL DECAY, who cares? This is death metal. Anders Ekdahl

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