MORTAL INFINITY “District Destruction”

“District Destruction”
(Digital Media Records)
I am a big sucker for German thrash. Had it not been for bands like Sodom, Destruction and Kreator I wouldn’t be doing this. I can name a handful more influential German thrash metal bands from the past. Mortal Infinity seem to want to carry on the great tradition of German thrash metal. This is thrash that continues the tradition started by Destruction. This is raw and basic to the bone thrash that leaves little room for any misconceptions as to what it is. This is pure thrash metal, nothing more and nothing less. Just the good stuff. You don’t want to stand in its way when it comes rushing down the Autobahn doing 100MPH. This is the equivalent of a bull at a bull fight. All it sees is an opponent to kill. Anders Ekdahl

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