MORTALICUM “The Endtime Prophecy”

”The Endtime Prophecy”
(Metal On Metal)
I pride myself in knowing most of the Swedish bands but every now and then along come a band that I haven’t heard of. Mortalicum are totally new to me. Never heard of them, let alone heard them. So it is with a certain kind of anticipation that I approach this album. Will it be a total let down or will I leave with a new Swedish favourite? I kinda came to expect something along the lines of Candlemass but I was far of the marker on this one. This is more along the lines of straight hardrock/heavy metal. And while it wasn’t what I expected I came to like it. There is a quality to it that makes me think back to times when bands like 220 Volt, Europe, Torch and Axe Witch spun regularly on my record player. Anders Ekdahl

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