Mortals – “Cursed To See The Future”


Mortals – “Cursed To See The Future” (Relapse Records)

Prepare yourselves for the she wolves from Brooklyn! More fearsome than the Salem witch trials comes this terrifying trio that mix riot grrrl with black metal and doom noise. Spine chilling, black death vocals and distorted bass courtesy of Lesley Wolf, hammer smashing drums from Caryn Havlik and the metallic fuzz maelstrom of Elizabeth Cline’s ultra raw guitars conspire to produce the sound of hell on sonic shockers like ‘Epochryphal Gloom’, ‘Devilspell’ and ‘The Summoning’ – awesome! Mortals are easily up there with the likes of Coffins and Doom, and “Cursed To See The Future” builds on the band’s 2012 “Death Ritual” EP, but showing some serious confidence in writing 10 minute epics that I had great pleasure being lost in as they were never predictable thanks to Cline’s tumultuous guitar work constantly drawing me in. This supercharged trio completely blew me away with this amazing release made all the more appealing that they are 3 ladies who seem to have a lotta fun on the road – when was the last time you saw doom crusties smile – and yet when they come together as Mortals, brother, you do not want to fuck with them.

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