MORTOR “Shoot ´Em Up”

“Shoot `Em Up”
I love mascots. Iron Maiden got Eddie, Megadeth got Vic Rattlehead and Mortor got their own. I somehow associate mascots with thrash metal. Don’t know why but that is an image so deeply embedded in my mind that whenever I see a mascot I kinda drift towards bands like Wehrmacht, Suicidal Tendencies and that sort of bands that have a bit more fun in their music. Don’t know how funny Canadian Mortor are but the sure look like a fun band to listen to. This wasn’t the thrash assault that I had expected. Leaning more towards death this turned out to be a heavy as hell record with those chugging guitars that just seem to never stop their relentless bombardment. If you just let me get my head round this change of anticipated assault I’ll be able to tell you if it is any good. I don’t usually like this kind of chugging in larger doses but I gotta admit that I found myself getting into it slowly but surely. There is something infectious to this album that I can’t fence off. Anders Ekdahl

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