MORTUUS CAELUM “Ad Libertatem Per Mortem”

“Ad Libertatem Per Mortem”
(WAR Productions)
WAR Prod. seems to have a very specific sound that they are looking for. Nothing fancy or extravagant. No, it has to be basic and raw for them to get into it, it seems. Not that I mind. As long as it is good it can be as basic and raw as it wants to. Mortuss Caelum is black metal the way it started, No big symphonic arrangements, just guitar, bass and drums. I am a big sucker for anything that is simple while still being highly entertaining. Which is why I still think Hellhammer’s “Apocalyptic Raids” is one of the best records ever released. Mortuss Caelum are black metal the way Mayhem was black metal before they ventured onto the avant-garde path. It is guitars that cut like hot knives in butter, it’s vocals that roar like the hounds of Hades and it is drums that bang harder than a non-repentant sinner in heaven. Cool stuff all in all. Anders Ekdahl

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