MOSCOW ”Queen Of Sin”

”Queen Of Sin”

Battle Helm Rating

Okay, why not use your home town as your moniker? It might not tell much about your music but it sure does tell where you are from. This is supposed to be some sort of wonder child that started at an early age and still isn’t that old today. This is the debut EP that is making quite some noise for itself. I am not one to be easily swayed by hype but I gotta admit that I am intrigued to see if this is bird, fish or in between. This was nothing like what I expected. Not that I thought it would be something girly or pink but perhaps not as harsh and edgy as this is. Musically this is what you’d describe as modern metal. You know, the contrast between soft (relative) and hard, between beauty and the beast. This is for those of you that like In This Moment, New Years Eve, The Agonist and bands like that. I must say that I found myself extremely positive to this. Usually I am a bit reluctant to this whole beauty and beast set up but this time it works. Bloody hell, am I getting soft now? This I want to hear more of. Anders Ekdahl

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