Mother Feather – “Mother Feather”


Mother Feather – “Mother Feather” (Metal Blade Records)

Battle Helm Rating

OMG. If you thought Twisted Sister epitomized the sorta freak show that could come outta depraved, decadent New York City then Mother Feather could be worse. And they really are chicks. And they’re not metal. Fronted by the dual femme freaksters of Ann Courtney (formerly of The Late Bloomers) and Lizzie Carena, think Kiss meets Siouxsie and the Banshees in “Saturday Night Fever”. Yeah, you’d have to be pretty done in the head to have come up with this and that’s exactly where Courtney was – until she mumbled ‘muthafucka’ and it came out as ‘motherfeather’ – and presto, instant catharsis through larger-than-life costumes and dance complete with provocative thrusts and high-kicks! Musically though, is where the joke stops – PJ Harvey at her heaviest meeting Marc Bolan at his heaviest all to a funky, but heavy 70s hard rock groove thanks to the ‘three beasts’ in guitarist Chris Foley, bassist Matt Basile and drummer Gunnar Olsen. These guys are absolute gems, articulating Courtney’s compositions with a heavy driving rock sound that attracted Metal Blade’s legendary Brian Slagel to be won over by their catchy yet ballsy songs from the pumping ‘Trampoline’ to the pop rock of ‘They Tore Down the SK8 Park’ with its dirty grunge guitars and the uplifting, epic strength of ‘Egyptology‘. Graced by one of the best mixes I’ve ever heard on any rock or metal album this self titled debut – if given a chance – really has the potential to grow on anyone appreciative of what’s being achieved here. Brian Slagel certainly thought so too.

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