MOTHERMOUND “The Burden Of Tomorrow”

“The Burden Of Tomorrow”
(Hollow Earth)
This is one of those bands that I have no idea what they are all about as I have not heard of them before I got sent this album. For all I know this could be the worst of best album I’ve ever heard. At least it started on a high note and it seems to follow suit the duration out too. There seem to be an ambition to play a grander sort of metal, a more emotional one. There is a doomy kind of vibe to this that I like but I’m not so sure about the vocals. I have nothing against growls or clean singing but on this one it feels kinda out of place. I would have expected a more emotional kind of singing but I guess that I just gotta get accustomed to the vocals to fully appreciate it. I do get a sort of Borknagar feel to the music. This one will need a couple more spins to really settle but the potential is there. Anders Ekdahl

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