Mother´s Finest – “Shut Up”


Mother´s Finest – “Shut Up” (Steamhammer / SPV)

If I had to think about funk rock then Mother’s Finest would have to be the pioneering act that started it all – going right back to the 70s! Causing rashes on both sides of the American color bar which is present even in that society today, Mother’s Finest could’ve landed from another planet where black n white couldn’t have been closer. Rather than compromise or water it down not to rile folks up, these black guys (and one brave white dude) along with a lady unashamedly mixed what people felt simply couldn’t or shouldn’t from Rick James heavy funk rhythms to hard ass white boy rock riffs and most of all, Joyce ‘Baby Jean’ Kennedy’s RnB / soul power vox – oh mama! Touring with the likes of Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath, The Who, Aerosmith and AC/DC, it was Europe that really took to Mother´s Finest while the US was still to trying to work out the equation between rock and funk, releasing heavy duty albums like 1992’s “Black Radio Won’t Play This Record” and the hit single ‘Just Like A Negro’, which Georgia rockers Jackyl, featuring Darryl McDaniels from Run D.M.C. would cover in homage in 2010! Still enjoying a cult following in Europe, Mother´s Finest are poised to release their forthcoming album “Goody 2 Shoes & The Filthy Beast” in spring, but as an early Xmas present they have released their first new song in 11 years. Still with the original core of ‘Doc’ Murdock on co vocals, ‘Moses Mo’ Moore on guitar and bassist ‘Wyzard’ Seay, ‘Shut Up’ continues in the finest style of the Mother’s style and sound, sexy n soulful with plenty of sass especially from Baby Jean, who still sounds like one hot black momma amidst those crunching rock riffs and Dion Derek’s hard hitting drums. In a world of duplicitous multiplicity and diversity, Mother´s Finest remain the original barrier breakers – and if you can’t remember their name, just remember their initials MF.

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