Battle Helm Rating

There are some band names that just leave me totally gob smacked. Not because they are so brilliant that I am struck by lightning but because they say absolutely nothing to me. And that in itself is a challenge. Not knowing what to expect when I turn this one on is somewhat exciting. This is this Greek band’s second album. I missed out this progressive/alternative metal bands first album but now I am on track with them. I have a special place for Greek metal bands and I am not afraid to mention it every time I come upon one. So this is a bit extra special to get acquainted with another Greek band. What struck me at first is that if you like bands like System of A Down and that kind of style you might find this highly entertaining. I am not the greatest SOAD fan but in small doses I can take them. Thankfully MOTHERS OF MILLIONS are much more progressive and therefore suits my taste a bit better. But they do have that dramatic feel that I find in SOAD and that I like. Anders Ekdahl

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