Motor City Mayhem – “Shitfaced And Outta Luck”

Motor City Mayhem – “Shitfaced And Outta Luck” (Metalapolis) 

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From the ashes from Shotgun Express, the dirtiest band ever out of Stuttgart (and winners of 2012’s German Rock and Pop Award for best Hard Rock band!), comes the even more raucous – and aptly named Motor City Mayhem! As much inspired by the raw Detroit rock of MC5 as the garage rock of The Hellacopters and scandi rock of the Backyard Babies, the veterans of Motor City Mayhem have hugely catchy material in no small doses, and play it fucking loud to the max on the 10 searing high energy tracks making up “Shitfaced And Outta Luck”. Seriously, right from the off, it’s like being electrified as the numbers roll into you relentlessly, addicting you through massive grooves, powering melodies and that charged sound dominated by the raw rock n roll guitars of Johnny and Scott. Equally, Van stokes it up mightily in the vocal department, skilfully pitching his pipes to the tones of each number, especially through witty lyrics like ‘…those muthafuckers taste like shit!…’ on the chorus of ‘Eat The Rich’ where the fast pace of the screaming guitars and revved up rhythm blast trash rock n roll in your face. Wailing in on ‘The Road’, Van takes a more laid back position in the mix in favour of a multiple vocal approach as the guitars take it in turn to lay waste to your soul, burning their treads indelibly into you through their loud power, possessing solos and sheer catchiness! With Armin (Stoker Ace) rumbling his drums in on ‘Bad Friends’ the rocket power of the shouted out punk rock n roll vocals, demonic guitars this time heaping tons of wah and feedback to smash your eardrums just kick your ass some more proving that Stuttgart is indeed Germany’s equivalent to the Motor City – hot damn!

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