MOTÖR MILITIA “World In Flames”

”World In Flames”
(Malevolence Records)

Battle Helm Rating

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to get what this is all about. Everything about this one screams thrash metal. from the band name to the album title to the art work to the song titles. You get my drift. As far as I can tell MOTÖR MILITIA are from Bahrain. Not a place that is flooding the world with high class metal. But this is one hell of an album if you like your thrash high octane and intense. This is the kind of release that reminds me of so many great bands like Overkill and Artillery yet they aren’t enough to describe the level of intensity this album displays. If you like the whole chugga chugga thrashing this is a release to look up because you won’t be disappointed with this album delivers. Anders Ekdahl

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