Motor Sister – “Ride”


Motor Sister – “Ride” (Metal Blade Records)

Anyone remember Mother Superior…..? They were an LA blues rock act that were pretty big on the live circuit but moreover had zillions of connections to Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Lemmy, Wayne Kramer, Sparks, Meat Loaf, Henry Rollins – to name but a few! Turns out that Anthrax’s Scott Ian is also a big fan and as luck would have it, his wife (and Meat Loaf’s daughter) – Pearl Aday – has been working on her solo career with none other than Mother Superior front man Jim Wilson. Ian being his usual self then decided to celebrate his 50th birthday party with a special Brooklyn show playing his favorite Mother Superior songs with Wilson and flying in Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning) on bass and John Tempesta (Exodus, Testament) on drums – both of whom were also big Superior fans. Sounds like a blast. Well it was one, so much so in fact that Ian soon called up Anthrax producer Jay Ruston with the intention of an album that recaptured all the fire of the impromptu gig. Hence Motor Sister! Listening to the deep blues rock of ‘Head Hanging Low’, the simply jiving ‘Pretty In The Morning’ and the country meets murderous critter rock of ‘Devil Wind’ the covers aren’t a million miles away from their originals, especially with Wilson still handling the lead vocals and one half of the guitars. Still, that’s a good thing in keeping to the spirit of Mother Superior, and whilst Pearl adds a fine touch with her femme backing vocals, the rest of the band – all renowned thrashers of course – add some serious balls n soul into making the 12 tracks sound fuller – albeit resisting the temptation to go metal thrashin’ mad. Definitely of worthy note, being hard n heavy but also emotional n heartfelt, Motor Sister provides a welcome break to Ian’s life long Anthrax commitment whilst bringing back to life the Mother Superior catalog that has a real chance to “Ride” all over again!

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