MOTORFINGER “Coming In Clear”

“Coming In Clear”
I’m no big fan of Turbonegro. I don’t know too much about the Norwegian rock scene and it doesn’t bother me one iota. Still it is cool to be sent stuff like the latest MOTORFINGER record (is it still a record if it is digital?). There’s that word again – alternative. Alternative to what? OK, it doesn’t sound like Foo Fighters or Soundgarden but it still operates in that region so what is it alternative to I wonder. I like Foo Fighters sound. There is something energetic and uplifting to it that always brings a smile to my face. MOTORFINGER has a darker edge to their songs. It is more blue than red so to speak. And perhaps even a hell of a lot heavier than Foo Fighters or Soundgarden ever have been. This is so heavy that I don’t think they’d get played on daytime radio anywhere really. But that is also what I find so attractive about this EP. And that is why I like what I hear. Anders Ekdahl

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