Motorhead – “Aftershock”


Motorhead – “Aftershock” (UDR  Music)

I’ve had me up and downs wiv M’head over the years. Following them from the classic line up of Filthy Phil n Fast Eddie thru the Robertson debacle and then the terror twins and finally Dee and surviving Wizzo. Album after album, untold gigs including one I co-promoted, along with numerous beers and fights followed by a neck like jelly and ears that would ring for days – sound familiar man? As my own age has followed Lemmy’s declining health over the years, so has my time for the band and I must confess that since their return to UK shores, I’ve sorta taken them for granted. Until now. “Aftershock” did for me what few albums have ever done, which is to get me offa my lazy ass and go ape shit mental. I’m not sure whether the band planned it but this album brings back all the memories right from when I first heard ’em – basically there’s a song for all their styles over the years from heavy rock to metal to punk metal to blues to snake rattle n roll – fuck it man, it’s got Motorhead stamped all over it! This is easily their best work for years, Lemmy’s unmistakeable vocals are there as is his crunching Rickenbacker, along with Wizzo’s excellent guitar work and Dee’s time stamped drumming – it might be one sound, but these guys are so experienced it all subtly shifts here n there to suit each of the songs from the 80s Motorheadbanger ‘Queen Of The Damned’ to the 70s trippy blues of ‘Lost Woman Blues’ to the 90s snake rock of ‘Going To Mexico’ to the millennium sleaze of ‘Death Machine’. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was a greatest hits album – ‘cept it ain’t, just one fine heavy metal album from one of history’s greatest metal bands. Motorhead, remember me now Motorhead, alright…..and don’t you forget it mate.

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