Motorjesus – “Hellbreaker”

Motorjesus – “Hellbreaker” (AFM Records)
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You gotta love these guys….back in the 90s they were known as The Shitheadz until censorship issues from a number of countries, including the United States forced them to change their name to the possibly even more offensive Motorjesus ha ha! Well known across Europe and especially in their native Germany where they’ve enjoyed chart success, these dirty hard rock ‘n’ rollers have been performing their high-octane music on numerous tours with bands such as Motörhead, Anthrax, Prong and Mustasch as well as playing lots of summer festivals like Summer Breeze and Rock Hard over the years. With a winning combination of really awesome riffs and mega catchy choruses guaranteed to delight any audience, Motorjesus have been delivering their magic over the course of 5 prior albums. Surpassing even their own expectations each time, “Hellbreaker” continues their roll in what must be their finest album to date. Right from the made for the live arena sound to the obvious energy, the band fire off with ceaseless grooving passion through the howling and wailing twin guitars of Andy Peters and Patrick Wassenberg, while Dominik Kwasny (Bass) and Adam Borosch (Drums) maintain their unrelenting (kick) beat as Chris ‘Howling’ Birx’s rock dog vocals and heartfelt croons are unfailing in their reach to everyone – even at the back of the crowd as I have witnessed! Revving it right up on ‘Lawgiver’, the massive chugging riffs are laced by catchy melodies as the rhyming lines of ‘…he is the new messiah…he is the man of fire’ hook you in through Birx’s vocal appeal, and while the guitars melodically sing off their solos, the pulsating amp energy on this epic ignites your every fibre of being. Rocking away on ‘Black Hole Overload’, there’s a rolling stoner groove reminiscent of the band’s early style, but again, it’s the huge, powering riffs bleeding out’ve the music that prove irresistible in wrapping you in the love of pure hard rock fire as stoked brilliantly by Birx’s versatile vocals ranging from tender croons to gravelly roars and charged yelps! Attesting to their days of supporting Lemmy & co, ‘Back To The Bullet’ is as expected, a hammering snake rock ‘n’ roller with roaring guitars, kick ass grooves and fast drumming, but equally plenty of rocking melodies and passion in Birx’s firey lines of ‘…I’m waking the demon…When this war is over…I’ll come back with a bullet for you…’. An impressive album in every regard, “Hellbreaker” lives up to Motorjesus’ name!
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