Mount Salem – “Endless”


Mount Salem – “Endless” (Metal Blade Records)

Chicago rocks! If you’re into psychedelic rock then a trip to Mount Salem could be the ultimate pilgrimage. Mixing the spaced out riffs of Iron Butterfly with the wild heaviness of Pentagram and the amazing femme vocals of Jefferson Airplane, these guys and one lady are the 60s and 70s all over again baby! Emily Kopplin is clearly no stranger to Gracie Slick as she provides her ultra high, yet angelically hypnotic vocals over Kyle Morrison’s deep, twisted psychedelic riffs on far out songs like ‘The Tower’, ‘Mescaline’ and ‘Hysteria’, sometimes even touching on The Doors thanks to her added organ work! Although not metal, there’s a very earthy feel to the powerful groove of Mount Salem as each track flows into you naturally so you can definitely trip out to “Endless” confident that it lives up to its name! Although not original, Mount Salem provide an interesting mix that is neither contrived nor some retro throwback, they’re just a loud rock band who formed as a group of friends, producing their material in the here and now even if taking inspiration from the past.

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