Mourning Beloveth – “Formless”

Mourning Beloveth – “Formless” (Grau Records)

Dark, beloved death from Ireland. Less well known than Primordial, Mourning Beloveth none the less have their place in Irish metal history as long standing purveyors of doom death in the Emerald Isle. Slow, melancholic and awesomely heavy, Mourning Beloveth use a mixture of growling and clean vocals and likewise, heavy doom laden riffs drenched in tons of reverb graced with melancholic guitar melodies. With an average time of 12 minutes each, songs like ‘Nothing Has A Centre’, ‘Theories Of Old Bones’ and ‘Ethics On The Precipe’ are epic, almost poetic pieces characterized as much for the stillness of death in their tranquil passages as for their sombre tones. It all points to a very articulate band indeed who both musically and lyrically don’t shy away from one’s inner nightmares but rather embrace our fragile mortality for what it is…pure Shakespeare.

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