M:Pire Of Evil – “Crucified”

M:Pire Of Evil – “Crucified” (Mausoleum Records)

Made up of none other than Venom’s guitarist Jeff ‘Mantas’ Dunn and bassist / vocalist Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (ex Atomkraft and Venom), M:Pire Of Evil takes us back to the days of 1988 when these two last played together – and just to rekindle those old flames these guys have gone and re-recorded 9 tracks from their albums “Prime Evil”, “Temples Of Ice” and “The Waste Lands”! Breakin my cherry to ‘Teachers Pet’, I’m no big fan of Venom post its classic line-up of Cronos / Mantas / Abaddon but listening to ‘Black Legions’ and ‘Wolverine’ the sound is identifiably Venom yet not pure Venom but a derivation if you like. Mantas’s riffs are still unmistakeable and Tony Dolan’s rough vocals (as well as his fuck you attitude) are a worthy successor to Conrad’s making M:Pire Of Evil a legitimate child of Venom, sterioded and with a technical capacity (not forgetting JXN’s drumwork) that its evil father never had. The 2 new tracks (‘Taking It All’ and ‘Demone’) continue in style with massive riffs, booming bass, wailing solos and smashing drums – Jeff Dunn used to once dream about sounding like his heavy metal gods, well now he has a band in M:Pire Of Evil that fookin’ does – why aye man!

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