MUGSHOTS ”Something Weird”

”Something Weird”
(Black Widow)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not too sure about this band’s name. In my book it spells more punk than anything else. Or at worst some old tired rehash of a Status Quo sound of yesteryears. But thankfully the music that comes from this disc isn’t the boring kind I feared. But that doesn’t mean that I know how to describe this. It still isn’t what I expected. I don’t really know what this reminds me of. I get a kinda early Alice Cooper vibe set in a more modern time. I also get an old American fairground feel when I listen to this. If I at first was a bit sceptical towards the band name it all makes sense now. If you can imagine 60s rock mixed with 70s Alice Cooper and with a bucket of late 70s punk attitude then the band name fits. This fits very well into the retro rock that sweeps the world right now. With a sound very much exclusive to this band you are in for a trip. Anders Ekdahl

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