It feels like just yesterday that the re-release of an earlier Munruthel album dropped in on me. But as they say; “you better strike while the iron is hot”. So without further ado I present to you a brand spanking new Munruthel album. I really liked the re-released album. In spirit it reminded me of Master’s Hammer. I hope that this new one will carry that same spirit, perhaps a bit farther too. I get a very strong battle spirit/readiness when I listen to this. This to my ears is the build up to that big final battle. This is the part where you gather all your thoughts, say your farewells and then head out into battle not knowing if you ever will return. I get all misty eyed when I listen to this album. It is that emotional. It is that grand. It is that final battle call. There is no return once embraced by this album. This is extreme metal at its most beautiful. Anders Ekdahl

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