MUNRUTHEL “Epoch Of Aquarius”

“Epoch Of Aquarius”
This is a re-release of an album that apparently needs your attention. It gotta admit that when it was first released it passed me by totally unnoticed. That it was released on a tiny label in the former East Europe might have had something to do with it. Still 20 odd years after the fall of the East that part of Europe is almost unexplored to me. I can’t help thinking of Master’s Hammer and their first couple of albums when I get sent something like this by Munruthel. There is that same kind of eclectic extreme metal feel to this as there was to Master’s Hammer in the 90s. I love(d) Master’s Hammer from back in the days. I’ve moved on since then but when an album like “Epoch Of Aquarius” comes my way I can’t help but being impressed. This I like a lot. The whole floating feeling that it conveys is so soothing in that way that great metal can be. It also makes me think of Mexico’s Argentum. Another all time fave of mine. Anders Ekdahl

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