MURDER MADE GOD “Irreverence”

I don’t think any sane individual condones murder. Yet somehow we are exposed to one TV-show after another trying to out-gross the previous. So many people are murdered on TV that you start to wonder what ways there are left. So you could say that MURDER MADE GOD in that there is no redemption for any sinner (at least not on TV). This lot are death metal in the “no pardon” way. No prisoners are taken and all that is left after they’ve rode through town is total devastation. This is death metal the brutal American way. If you like old Suffocation and the likes you’ll like this too. You get the tech metal thing that seems to be obligatory with this kind of death metal. You get the more guttural than hell vocals and you get the guitars that cut like hot knives in butter. If that isn’t enough for you then I don’t know what is. Anders Ekdahl

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