“In Mad Minute”
I have no idea what it is that this band wants to say with their band’s name but a mushroom cloud to me is not a positive sign. But perhaps MUSHROOM CLOUD the band will be so much more positive and I’ll end up with another new fave band to add to my already growing collection. Judging by the album title this gotta be a thrash band and not some stoner band. And I guess that I’m right in assuming thrash. Perhaps with a modern touch. I’m not that down with this whole modern thrash that seem to have come in the wake of Slipknot so I have no references but my old thrash heroes. I’m not so sure about the whole clean melodic vocals that MUSHROOM CLOUD uses. I honestly think that most of the times it only halters the music from really blasting away. It gets too progressive and widdly waddly for my taste. I’m simple in that I like my styles separated (there are exceptions to the rule – this not being the one). Still a cool album. Anders Ekdahl

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