MUTANTER “The Limit”

”The Limit”
(Kernkraftritter Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This Ukraine band started life as The Limited Mutanter in 1991. Released a couple of albums and then disbanded in 1996, to reanimate in 2011. By 2017 they decided to go with the name MUTANTER and record an album full of songs from the period 1993 to 2016. And here we have that album. One of the pioneering death metal bands of the Ukraine scene I have not heard of them until now. What caught my eyes were the name. MUTANTER means mutants in Swedish. I have no idea if it is a Ukraine word too. This is death metal in the brutal school. Thick and heavy. Just like the receipt says. Whenever I hear death metal like this I think back to the 90s and albums like “Blessed Are The Sick” that are heavy and groovy in that good old US death metal style. This one is a real keeper. Anders Ekdahl

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