MUTUM “Premonitions Of War”

“Premonitions Of War”
I love getting sent albums from Mexico (even if it is digital). I’ve had a love affair with Mexican metal since the 90s. Don’t know what it is about it that gets my juices flowing but I can’t seem to get enough of it. And I got a feeling that I will come to love this as soon as we come to the end of the album. This is symphonic metal in its purest form. You get bombasted by the music from the very beginning and it won’t let go of you until you’ve come to the end. And once there you are so exhausted from the experience that you don’t want to go back to the beginning but you got no choice because this is so cool that you gotta hear it again and again and again. I think I’ve found one highlight of 2013. Anders Ekdahl

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