“Human Maze”
For the longest of times I thought that Lacuna Coil were too light for my taste but then I started to listen to them intensely and I soon realised that there might be more to them that I actually like than things I don’t like. My Black Light are also Italians and any comparison with Lacuna Coil might be superfluous but Lacuna Coil was the first band that I came to think of when I first read about My Black Light. I am a sucker for bands like Theatre Of Tragedy, Nightwish (Tarja and Anette) and any other metal band that are fronted by a female. Hell, I’m a sucker for any band that has a female or are made up entirely of females. My Black Light surprised me by being more aggressive than expected. Sure, they have all the, for the genre, typical attributes but they make something of it. It’s not just a re-hashing of old ideas. While I like it sugar coated too this has a different edge, a more salty sound if you like. Should be enough for them to stand out. Anders Ekdahl

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