MY DARKEST HATE “Angel Temple”

“Angel Temple”

Battle Helm Rating

I might be totally off but this has the potential of being some really cool thrash metal. And I really feel that I need that shot of mind blowing thrash metal this week too. Something that will cleanse me of the bad everyday bullshit and replace it with happy new fresh oxygen atoms. To be honest I have no idea if this is supposed to be death or thrash so I’ll dub it deathrash. It has the feel of both death metal and thrash metal. This is good enough to make me drop all my sub-genre speculations and just enjoy the music. This is heavy in an old school way. It makes me think of bands like Viogression and stuff like that from the early 90s. Add to it some heavy Kreator and you get a pretty good idea of how heavy this is. It surely do clean me of my everyday bullshit. Anders

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