MY DISTANCE “Tomorrow Will Become Today”

“Tomorrow Will Become Today”
(In Delirium Records)
I now it is no excuse but I get sent so much stuff that at times I tend to forget what certain bands are all about. I do know who sent me this one but I can’t for the life of me remember what this band is all about. So it will a surprise when I start spinning this disc. But just the sheer mentioning of Sick Of It All as a reference point made me sit up and take notice. I love that kind of hardcore/OI that you can “dance” to. Yeah, I know. I don’t dance. But if I would I’d do it to Sick Of It All. MY DISTANCE are not quite as danceable. This is more hardcore than dancecore. But still, I like what I hear. This is my kind of hardcore, the one you can follow without being tossed around like there is no tomorrow. Cool. Gotta get into more hardcore though. Miss it. Anders Ekdahl

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