I have lately noticed a change in direction from Listenable. Away from the more extreme metal to a more hardrock/cock rock stable, without sacrificing the extreme side. I have no problems with that. I can at the best of times like a bit of good old hardrock and ’77 from Spain proved that with their album. Don’t know if My Dynamite will have the same effect on me but one can hope. I feel like a bit of that good old boogie woogie would do me wonders right now. Hopefully My Dynamite can provide me with some of that same feeling. My Dynamite are quite bluesy in a Black Crows kinda fashion. I haven’t thought about Black Crows in a long time but I gotta hand it to My Dynamite to bring back that feeling again. I’m also a huge fan of southern boogie, especially Molly Hatchet. Hearing My Dynamite brings a warm feeling to my heart. This is music that makes my legs move. A really nice surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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