My Endless Wishes – “My Endless Wishes”

My Endless Wishes – “My Endless Wishes” (Doolittle Group)

Created by a happily married couple in Frida and Martin Viberg – the mainstays of the band – MEW follow in the footsteps of other femme melodic metal bands like Within Temptation and Evanescence, covering a range of styles from epic to indie metal to mainstream rock all of which they seem to handle with relative ease! A part time project, there’s a definite home style feel to the band with songs like ‘Before I Say Goodbye’, ‘Searching For A Hero’ and ‘Follow The Light’ reflecting an unpretentious, unhurried feel but instead yielding huge amounts of passion and power melodies especially in Frida’s excellent voice which bring out the lyrics that are truly sung from the heart. MEW have now incorporated others into their band which judging by the smoothness of their musicianship appear to have reflected their organic growth that is once again based on friendship and love of the music rather than commercial gain so I have nothing but praise by how well this album turned out given their DIY approach.

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