MY FUNERAL “Thrash Destruction”

”Thrash Desctruction”
(Violent Journey)
I have no problem with my own mortality. I’ve already made arrangements for MY FUNERAL. When I’m dead there is nothing left for me to worry about. All my earthly possessions are there for grabs by anybody that wants them. When you name your band MY FUNERAL you better be a cool metal band in the vein of My Dying Bride or some cool death metal band. Otherwise there is a risk of me being disappointed. Seeing as this Finnish act is neither a cool My Dying Bride influenced band nor a death metal band you might think that they suck big time. But the truth be told this is another Finnish thrash act that has more than one eye in the rear view mirror. This is thrash with a very old school feel to it. And as I’m a huge fan of anything 80s sounding when it comes to thrash this sits wuite comfortably by my side. Anders Ekdahl

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