My Reflection – “Dreamland Drowning”

My Reflection – “Dreamland Drowning” (Inverse Records)

Despite seemingly looking like Evanescence clones, Finland’s My Reflection are a much heavier, metalized version although with alt / rock elements. Graced by Jenni Räikkönen’s soft femme vocals the rest of the band pile in symphonic melodies while chucking in nu metal samples, male metal core screams and keyboard effects on songs like ‘Crossroads’, ‘Let The Rain Come Down’ and ‘Farewell’. Rather than having one defined sound, the band opt for versatility while using Räikkönen’s voice as the common factor from which to execute their dextrous, energetic musicianship. Seemingly aimed at the US market where bands like System Of A Down, My Ruin and 3 Doors Down rule, My Reflection have a tough market to break into as a youthful foreign import. Then again, they may be content to be worthy contenders providing a much needed stop gap for this type of music in their home market, given their obvious musical talent, generically appealing sound and undoubted passion to pursue it.

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