My Refuge – “The Anger Is Never Over”

My Refuge – “The Anger Is Never Over” (Pride & Joy Music)
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Initially started as a solo project by guitarist / keyboardist Mauro Paietta, My Refuge grew into a band by the time of its debut “A Matter Of Supremacy” and now on this incredible sophomore has expanded into an awesome collaboration involving some 11 different vocalists from across the world! Having already performed at festivals and previously shared stages with Freedom Call, Elvenking, Furor Gallico, Domine, Drakkar and Primal Fear, it’s easy to see why the blinding musicianship behind their power metal has garnered them so much support. Opening in the dramatic power metal fashion of overflowing melodies, speedy guitarwork and the high-octane soprano vocals of Berzan Onen (Turkey) on ‘Immortal Fire’, the chorus doesn’t disappoint in being as epic as it is emotional as Onen’s vocals soar and wail spectacularly while Paietta’s solo matches his singer in every aspect. With scarcely any let up, “War In Heaven” rocks in with more pistoning double bass drumming, chundering riffs and this time, Iggy Rod (Argentina) power screaming and soaring out the majestic chorus that effortlessly fills your soul with ecstasy, occasionally hitting on a heavy headbanging moment but otherwise blessed of heaven itself. Bringing in some gothic symphony on the slower and somewhat more melancholic ‘Mistress Of The Dark’, Davide Vella (Italy) wails his magnificent operatic essence along to Paietta’s resonating power riffs and folky melodies on this incredible piece although to be sure, each one of the 12 tracks – nearly all with different vocalists – on this sophomore are sure to impress without a shadow of a doubt!
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